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Monday, September 14, 2009

RANTING: a product of Stolen Words

Reality is not a transcendent truth, but a historical configuration, a multi-dimensional process that can take place in individuals who desire, think, act and change together. Fading illusions are so many targets ranged around those of us enraged by our cramped existence; so many delicious inducements to unleash the weapons of mockery and laughter. Let a few people meet who are resolved on the lightning of violence rather than the long agony of survival; from this moment despair ends and tactics begin. Everywhere where domestication comes into play there can be no free space. Look at architecture – another lovely mask covering the boredom of an insipid society. But the new does exist apart from the consideration of progress. It is implied in surprise. It is to be noted, however, that there are those whose lives center around lost and vapid fairy tales. They need an ancient dream to justify the breaths they steal – their crime of being alive. But for this crime there can be no forgiveness. It can only be the act of ultimate defiance, spitting in authority’s face, shouting, “I AM!” against every constraint society has invented. I wish to state, once and for all, I do not want to be civilized.

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