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Monday, September 14, 2009


Vagabondism - at least in attitude - is essential to autonomy. The refusal of permanence… the refusal of a home. When all of space and time is formally dominated by the relationships that constitute the social context, autonomy consists of seeming not to be there...The secret of this invisibility is constant motion...Finding the cracks where formal domination is not actual...challenging society with one’s autonomous creativity there...disappearing before the actual forces of domination can suppress the challenge... a tricky, risky dance. Physical motion is not necessary to this strategy - the ability to escape labels, to avoid being pegged, is. But physical motion can improve one’s chances. The broader the terrain one wanders, the vaster the possibilities for radical breaks, for discovery of new cracks, for wild play...Within the context of such wanderings, “permanent self-enslavement zones" become aspects of the social context to be subverted for the vagabond insurgent’s uses and challenged defiantly in whatever way makes sense in any given instance. There are no blueprints for autonomy.

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